Good Stuff Coffee is available for purchase at small, local grocery chains.

If your customers like

high-end premium coffee

and they also like helping people, you might consider carrying Good Stuff Coffee in your stores.

No Shelf Space Required

We understand that shelf space is at a premium and positioning is earned based on sales performance. Good Stuff Coffee will provide each store location with a Free “Shipper” Cardboard Display Case to eliminate the need for shelf space in the early stages and to feature the new brand.

In Store Promotion

Good Stuff Coffee is committed to growing our customer base through your retail stores. We’re happy to host in-store promotions to provide free Brewed Coffee, Pour-Overs and Single Serve Cup samples to expose them to the brand.

Door-To-Door Marketing

Good Stuff Coffee will also canvass local neighborhoods with flyers to drive traffic to your stores with coupons and special seasonal offers.

Information Sheet

Click here to download our one-page Retail Program Information Sheet PDF, and submit the form below to download pricing information.

If you have any questions or would like to get started, please contact us at (844) COFFEE-6, or by email at [email protected].



(844) COFFEE-6


340 E. First Street #11
Tustin, CA 92781