You can help former foster youth support themselves for life

Buy Some Coffee

For the former foster youth in your community, this world can be a bitter place.

And without a job or a purpose, things don’t get much better. In fact, 50% of young men and women in foster care end up homeless or in jail within 2 years of “aging out” at age 18 or 21.

You can help.

Good Stuff Coffee is a mission-driven for-profit company for coffee drinkers who want to purchase high quality, organic coffee that helps their local communities.

By purchasing Good Stuff Coffee, you can help in three very cool ways:

  1. Help local former foster youth support themselves for life by providing them with a living wage and a car
  2. Keep money in the local economy by working with local roasters and offering local delivery service
  3. Provide better wages and working conditions for coffee farmers by paying fair prices and buying organic coffee whenever possible

You can help us get rid of the bitterness in this world.

One delicious cup at a time.