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You can help former foster youth support themselves for life

Buy Some Coffee

For the former foster youth in your community, this world can be a bitter place.

And without a job or a purpose, things don’t get much better. In fact, 50% of young men and women in foster care end up homeless or in jail within 2 years of “aging out” at age 18 or 21.

You can help.

Good Stuff Coffee is a mission-driven for-profit company for coffee drinkers who want to purchase high quality coffee that helps their local communities.

By purchasing Good Stuff Coffee, you can help in three very cool ways:

  1. Transition former foster youth to become fully self-sustaining adults
  2. Keep money in the local economy since we work with local roasters
  3. Help coffee farmers/growers with better conditions, wages, etc.

You can help us get rid of the bitterness in this world.

One delicious cup at a time.